Monday, April 8, 2013

Gracie Turns Two!

At the end of March, Jordane, Cobus and I ventured down to Belmont to celebrate Gracie's 2nd birthday! The Eastlicks threw a great birthday party, with tons of pizza and cupcakes. Of course it was also a treat to spend the day with my besties and their babes.

The birthday girl!
These blocks were a huge hit with all the kids. Here is the fort Cobus and I built. He didn't want to stop playing. I believe Matt's mom found these blocks at a garage sale for a few dollars - awesome find!
Buzz and Woody cupcakes - YUM!

The birthday girl with mommy and daddy! She was more interested in playing than getting her photo taken. 

Cobus was more excited about Gracie's birthday present - I think it had something to do with Lightning McQueen.

As you can see, baby Eastlick #2 is growing fast. He or she will be here in June! It was a great Saturday spent with some wonderful friends!

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  1. This is the coolest thing, Jen! I'm so blown away by you! =) Congrats on starting your blog and consider me your "best customer" from here on out!